I am starting a new position!

Starting on July 1st, 2017, I am starting my new role as the Assistant Director of the K1 Center for Nuclear studies. Check our website here!

The mission of the Center is to create an environment that encourages informed, scientifically-guided public discussion of the issues surrounding nuclear technologies, by offering educational programs and creating resources that can be used by the non-specialized public, with the hope of nullifying the effect of misleading information in the mass media, and ultimately paving the way to greater support for needed regulation and other threat-reducing initiatives.

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Last Frontier of Science class of the Spring 2017 Semester

Yesterday we had the last Frontiers of Science class of the semester. It has been great to interact with these two groups of students during the last 4 months, discuss Neuroscience, Astronomy, Relativity, Biodiversity, Earth Science! and practice scientific skills together. Cheers to a wonderful semester!



The Big Green Theater!

Last week I participated in the Big Green Theater initiative in the PS239 and the PS075 schools in NYC (Ridgewood and Bushwick). I discussed the importance of phytoplankton and climate change with 5th graders and they will write theater plays based on the discussions we had. At the end of the semester those plays will be performed by professional adult actors and actresses!

Big Green Theater (BGT) is a program developed by The Bushwick Starr and Superhero Clubhouse that combines environmental education with an annual green theater festival. Fifth-grade students from Bushwick schools explore environmental topics with guest experts, and then are guided in writing original eco-plays. Finished plays are fully realized and professionally produced at The Bushwick Starr Theater during Earth Week, featuring sustainable and efficient design.

Ecusa en las Escuelas!

Last night ECUSA en las escuelas reached Spanish-speaking children from NYC and run a series of workshops to engage children in science discussions. We specifically discussed what DNA is and extracted DNA from a banana!

The mission of the program “ECUSA en las escuelas” is to awaken 5-14 year-old children’s interest and curiosity in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) while cultivating spanish language and culture.  Learn more about the program here.